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Who we are!

P & A pharmaceutical is a Lahore (Pakistan) based company with keen interest in the field of Endocrinology, Gynecology and obstetrics, Oncology, Cardiovascular and other specialized fields.

Chief executive of the company Mr. Syed Iqbal Hussain has a vast experience with major pharmaceutical companies in the above fields.

He developed major interest in the sales and marketing of scientifically designed, evidence based natural products in 1994 and since than has devoted all his energies for this cause.

We were the first company to promote Progesterone cream in Pakistan and it was a time when even the concept of “Estrogen dominance” was not known to any one and no one was ready to accept that Progesterone is different from Progestins in most of its properties and that our females are suffering with unopposed Estrogen. We made them understand the difference and doctors in the field appreciate our efforts in this regard.

We import and promote highly technical products in the specific fields through Internet.

We have a well-trained sales team to communicate our message to medical profession on conventional products, complimentary and alternative medicines that we believe can deliver more benefits to ailing humanity with fewer side effects.

Our services:

Our services also include free consultation to patients in the field of male/female hormonal imbalance.

We welcome all those companies with highly technical and specialized products to be marketed in Pakistan.