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Progeste Cream for Women (Natural Progesterone Cream)

To correct hormonal imbalance in all ages of a female!

Natural Progesterone Cream USP is a topical dietary supplement designed for women and men of all ages who experience symptoms relating to:


Natural Progesterone Cream contains USP micronized progesterone sold in a three oz bottle. This formulation is based on the recommendation of leading physicians. It contains 985 mg of Natural Progesterone per ounce.

Over 50 million American women are now making major health decisions on the best method to cope with the physical and mental effects of menopause. Over the next ten years, an estimated 40 million more women will have to make the same decision on how to deal with hot flashes, depression and a host of unpleasant symptoms which signal the approach of nature's changing time for females

Some benefits of Progesterone Cream:

Safe and effective for Menopause & PMS
Rebuilds lost bone mass and improves new bone formation
Improves Lipid Profile
Eliminates Hot Flashes
Natural Anti-Depressant
Natural Diuretic
Helps with Sleep Disorders
Helps with Fibrocystic Breasts
Gives People More Energy
Helps Create the Myelin Sheath Over Nerves
Normalizes Libido
Balances Estrogen Dominance (Estrogen dominance is the sole cause of major health problems in today’s female

What is Progesterone?
Progesterone, also known as the "pregnancy hormone", exists in both men and women. In pre-menopausal women the majority of progesterone is produced by the corpus luteum of the ovaries and when pregnant, the placenta. The corpus luteum is a yellow mass of cells produced after the release of a mature egg. Post-menopausal women and men produce most of their progesterone from the adrenal glands. In men some is produced in the testes. Both sexes synthesize a small amount in the nervous system.

Progesterone is one of the hormones produced when the body metabolizes pregnenolone, sometimes referred to as the "mother of all hormones". Not only does the body use pregnenolone to produce progesterone, it also is used to produce corticosterone, testosterone (both male and female) and estrogen.

While progesterone is produced in more abundance in young fertile women, the hormone cannot be called a male or female hormone. Reports indicate that it is used in almost all areas of the body and is highly fat-soluble. It is reported that progesterone deficiency can produce a variety of effects in both men and women. Some of these reported symptoms are: depression, increased risk of breast cancer, prostate problems (in men), higher cholesterol and more.

Unlike estrogen that generally falls only 40 to 60 percent at menopause, progesterone levels can fall to nearly zero. Levels of progesterone in the body can decrease due to many factors. The major cause for women is menopause and of course, age reduces progesterone levels in both men and women. There are two ways to increase progesterone levels in the body, naturally and through synthetics.

Pharmaceutical companies produce synthetics. Since you can't patent a natural product they have to produce molecularly different variations of progesterone.
According to Dr. Lee, natural progesterone USP has a molecular structure identical to the progesterone produced by the human body. Natural progesterone is produced through the fermentation (and other steps) of the Mexican Wild Yam.

Reports indicate that natural progesterone has no known side effects while the same does not seem to be the case for the synthetic products.

How long does it take to see results with Natural Progesterone Cream?
According to Dr. Lee, it may take 2 months or so to experience the full benefit that Natural Progesterone Cream can have. Many of our customers have noticed great improvements within the first hour.

Where should I put the Natural Progesterone Cream?
Because progesterone is very fat-soluble, it is easily absorbed through the skin. From subcutaneous fat, progesterone is absorbed into capillary blood. It is best to put Progeste Cream at all the skin sites where people blush such as the face, neck, chest, breasts, inner arms and palms of the hands.

What are the recommended doses of natural progesterone cream?

For premenopausal women the usual dose of natural progesterone cream is 1/4 teaspoon per day for 14 days before expected menses.

For postmenopausal women, the dose that often works well is 1/4 teaspoon per day for 25 days of the calendar month.

Get expert opinion on its use in different conditions by calling 03008476772. Keep in touch for its use in every subsequent month.

Our company has now 5 different formulations of Progesterone which have been designed by our scientist in USA to give optimal health benefits in specific indications and age groups.


Progeste Cream for Women - Details & Pricing